FCTA Says There Is No Plans To Remove FCT VIO From ABUJA Roads

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FCTA Says There Is No Plans To Remove FCT VIO From ABUJA Roads


Following insinuations that the FCT Adminis­tration is contemplat­ing the removal of Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) from the roads like some states have done, the FCT Administration has assured it is not contemplating such as their removal would be sui­cidal and catastrophic.
Though the FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello recently restricted the operations of the Directorate of Road Transport Services (DRTS), otherwise known as VIOs to ease traffic on the roads at peak periods, the Administration is not con­templating their removal.
The FCT Acting Secretary of Transportation Secre­tariat, Abdulhamid Moham­med Suleiman stated this on Thursday, while addressing journalists as part of the ac­tivities to mark two years in office of the present adminis­tration in Abuja.
According to Suleiman, “Removal of Vehicles Inspec­tion Officers (VIO) from Abuja roads as done by some states in Nigeria, would be suicidal in Abuja. It would be catastrophic. Transportation is the heart beats of any na­tion, without transportation; the means of moving human beings from one point to the other would be absent, so no matter how you look at our performance, it is because transportation has put cer­tain policies in place, that is why you have a city called Abuja and it is working”.
He also revealed that the Directorate (VIO) made the sum of N1.988 billion in rev­enue in 2016 for the FCT Ad­ministration.

On the ongoing Abuja light rail project, he said “I want to assure you that Abuja light rail project is on course and would be rolled out towards the end of the year. And it is already 93% completed. But we are now looking at the access roads, we are going to provide nice access roads that would be motorable to always take people to the rail station and also bring them back”.
On the absence of mass transit buses in Abuja, he said, for mass transit to work, there is need for heavy subsi­dy by the government, “ The removal of buses from Abuja road is partly a systematic is­sue. When you have system­atic problem you cannot re­ally tackle that matter the way you expected. Transportation in any part of the world re­quire subsidy, heavy subsidy”.
He also lamented the in­cessant vandalisation of traf­fic lights in Abuja. He ex­plained that “the traffic light situation, about two years ago, most of the traffic light in Abuja failed completely because of wilful vandalisa­tion; you cannot compare what is happening now with what happened two years ago. We have done well as far as traffic light control is con­cern at the moment. We had to replace the ones that were vandalised by ‘hit and run’ vehicles, as you are replac­ing they are vandalising, to install one intersection costs as much as N15 million. And we replace about 3 times in a year”.

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