My ABUJA Experience: ‘How I Got My Application Approved At The Embassy’

The interview was slated for December 4th 2012 at the Abuja Consular office, i had gotten to Abuja a day earlier and on the interview date.
I got there at 7am though my appointment was scheduled for 9.30am at the appointed time we were screened and went in the lady that was to interview me did not call for the next person before i got up to her apparently she was free because an applicant just left her, when i got infront of her I said ‘good morning ma’am’, though she did not reply. I said it a second time and she replied without looking up.

Then the interview started and she asked where I was going, I answered and i also told her what I did for a living about selling cars and spare parts. She asked where I got them from and I told her Germany. Though, I have never been there but I have a representative there, she asked how much I had for the trip I told her $10,000 then she asked how much I made a month, without hesitating I told her approximately 3 million naira.

After a while, she asked for bank statement which i also gave her and also my company Certificate of Incorporation and also my marriage certificate then she smiled and asked if i was married I told her I was and added that I also had a beautiful daughter. She smiled and asked why I was going alone and I told her my wife was not on break at work and my daughter was in school even though i had been flashing my wedding ring to her all through the interview.

She suddenly said ‘a few seconds please’, then she went into a inner room and came back after a few minutes then said your visa has been approved.

I think being married and having a travelling experience gives one an edge but again it all boils down to luck. Wish all applicants success in their interviews. Cheers

Sent in by Sheriff Salami.

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