Bauchi Entrepreneurs Hub Launched, Holds Independence Meet And Greet

The team at Bauhci Entrepreneurs Hub appreciates and thanks all those that attended the Meet & greet event on Independence Day, 2017 at the official unveiling of the Bauchi Entrepreneurs Hub, the turn out was massive beyond imagination and it shows that Bauchi is indeed changing in terms of entrepreneurship.

The Bauchi Entrepreneurs Hub will be an avenue that will allow entrepreneurs in Bauchi have access to entrepreneurial trainings, leadership & Management trainings, business connections & mentorship and also share a co-working space or shared store to showcase their products and services.

The vision of the founders are:
• Breaking the cultural and traditional barriers of business and economic climate in Bauchi through unity and healthy competitions.

• Creating hundreds of Young and Innovative Entrepreneurs in Bauchi.

• Encouraging Female Entrepreneurs and also given them the opportunity to showcase, manage and sell their products without going out of their parents or husbands houses.

• Unlocking the Potentials & Talents and changing the Mindset of Youths towards businesses and entrepreneurship.

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“Together we can make a difference”


Post Author: Isa Ozo

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