National Trauma Centre, ABUJA, Considered The Best In Nigeria

The National Trauma Centre is housed at the National Hospital, Abuja and considered one of the best in the country Nigeria. Since it’s launch the centre has grown from a start point of having just five beds to many more as well as providing treatments for trauma patients of all kinds. The trauma centre was […]

FCT Minister Promises Massive Infrastructural Development

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Malam Muhammad Bello says satellite towns and rural areas in the FCT will witness massive infrastructural development in the next two years. Bello made this promise at the inauguration of the newly appointed Mandate Secretaries, Chief of Staff and other Senior Political Aides of the administration on Monday in […]

The Corruption In Between By Hakeem Adebumiti

Josephine Agwu is a cleaner who works at the Murtala Muhammed airport in Lagos. At sighting a cash of $12,000 within the airport, all that comes to her mind was, “this is not mine, I must return it to the authority.” She did exactly what her mind told her and what followed her action was […]


In a first of its kind coordinated Regional promotion, Marriott International has launched a unified and compelling offer at nearly 200 participating Marriott International hotels in 30 countries with a choice of 17 brands across exciting destinations in Middle East and Africa. City or beach, history or culture, nature or adventure, wild life or relaxation, […]

‘The ABUJA I Have Seen And Experienced’ By Isa Mubarak

Money doesn’t buy happiness but it’ll provide the down payment. You need money in order to get the basics that you need to survive, like food, water, clothing, a place to sleep. But the basics simply aren’t enough. We want to experience all that life has to offer. We want to live in nice apartments, […]