Fethullah Gulen Group In Nigeria Unsettled Following Rumors Of Planned Extradition

Following President Buharis recent trip to Turkey for the D-8 meeting in Istanbul . Unconfirmed reports of the FETO organization living in Nigeria facing extradition  has since trailed his meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.



An official of the group, who chose not to be named, said senior officials of the group had been in a marathon meeting, weighing various options on what next to do. Also contacted on phone in Lagos, yesterday, spokesman of the Fethullah Movement, FETO, who said he was speaking in his private capacity, said: “I have no problem with the Nigerian government. So if the order is the wish of the Nigerian government, I have no choice but to respect it. ‘’I am speaking as a private Turkish citizen in Nigeria. If they want to extradite me, they will extradite me; what can I do?”
On the possible reaction of FETO to the extradition order, he said: “We don’t have any specific reaction, we just respect the action of the government. We’re happy with the Nigerian government. So, there’s no problem.”
Efforts to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm if Nigeria had extradition treaty with Turkey last night failed as calls pulled through the phones of spokesman of the ministry remained unanswered at press time. The ministry later issued a terse statement, saying Minister of Foreign Affair, Mr Geoffrey Onyeama, had said every individual of whatever nationality legally residing in Nigeria was guaranteed full protection under Nigerian and international laws.


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