Hammers ,Chisels And Whips As AMAC Descends On Roadside Traders In Jikwoyi/Kurudu Axis

The  Kurudu Relocation Market Project , A brain child of the  AMAC Investment and Property Development Company AMAC/IPDC  is at its final stages. Blocks of stores have been fully erected and completed save for some unfinished ones whom its contractors  might be having stand off issues with the AMAC body over the quality of work done. Bulldozers and other earth shifting equipment’s could be seen leveling and  applying finishing touches to the road that leads into the market.

Before you make it to the market coming from the city center. You must have been greeted with scenes of rubles on the both side of the road and occasional gathering of traders and onlookers at various spots obviously witnessing the demolition of  a shop or a trading spot.

The Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Abdullahi Adamu Candido, has said the council will no longer condone roadside trading along the Jikwoyi-Kurudu axis.

He urged the affected traders that have already been ordered to leave to take advantage of the low cost formal sector of the Kurudu Relocation Market.

The Amac Chairman who is more recognized by his political nickname ” Candido” recently toured the 1 kilometer road that stretches from Nyanya to Jikwoyi down to Kurudu where the Market is located reaffirming his firm resolve to put an end to roadside trading and hawking in the area.

He commended the management of AMAC-IPDC and the contractors for the quality and pace of work at the market, and for achieving such a feat within a very short period of time.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, AMAC Investment and Property Development Company Limited (AMAC-IPDC), Yakubu Mohammed Adamu, used the opportunity to call on all subscribers who have made some deposits to complete their payments without further delay.

He said shop keys and allocation papers would be handed over to those who have made 100% payment at the end of October, adding that activities at the Kurudu Ultra-Modern Relocation Market will commence soon based on the matching order by the AMAC chairman.

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