History Will Be Made Again In Kaduna State As President Buhari Inaugurates Nigeria’s First Inland Dry Port

The current administration’s efforts in positioning Kaduna state as a formidable business hub have continued to gain inroads into the annals of history through the planned inauguration of Nigeria’s first inland dry port, the Kaduna Inland Dry Port.

The inland intermodal terminal directly connected by road, rail and air to a seaport which also operates as a centre for trans-shipment of sea cargoes to inland destinations is built by the Kaduna Inland Dry Port Limited with the capacity to handle 29,000 tonnes of cargo annually in the first phase of operation, a figure that may double upon the completion of the port.


The Kaduna Inland Dry Port, which is the first of its kind in Nigeria is primed to receive cargo from the Apapa Port in Lagos through the railway or by road, and also export goods through the same channel.

With the potential to generate no fewer than 5,000 direct jobs at the commencement of operations, it will also provide an easy process for the exportation of farm produce from Kaduna, Nigeria’s largest producer of ginger and neighbouring states as well as landlocked countries.

The President will also commission newly acquired railway coaches to aid transportation across the state and beyond for people and businesses.

It is interesting to note that several recent landmark strides in the state such as Olam’s Poultry and Animal Feed Factory are private sector projects, a testament to the conducive business environment that the state government continues to provide for businesses with the potential to accelerate development.

Post Author: Isa Ozo

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