The Jabi Lake Mall Of ABUJA. Details And Amazing Photos

Opened in 2015, the double level mall features contemporary architecture, with vibrant colour and pattern concepts throughout. Restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets surrounds a stunning triple height promotion court with a feature staircase.

Outdoors, a lakeside boardwalk and entertainment area offers a restaurant and café environment and exceptional views over the water.

Jabi Lake Mall is the first of its kind in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, offering 25,000 square metres of grade-A shopping space from a unique waterside location on the shores of Jabi Lake.

  • Located on the scenic eastern shore of Jabi Lake, a natural body of water in the Jabi district of Abuja, the mall is only a ten-minute, 8km drive west of Abuja’s business centre.
  • Accessible via the local freeways and ring road system, when travelling by car in a westerly direction, an exit from Shehu Yar Adua Way allows direct access to the mall. From an easterly direction, access is via a link road with Soloman Lar Way.
  • Two levels of parking have capacity for 733 cars. A vehicle drop off area, bus stop and pedestrian footpaths connecting the mall to the main road make Jabi Lake Mall easily accessible.

Photo Credit: DG Photography @Qidas_Diqsa

Night view by @Dr_Khalidz

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