Brief Information About Maitama District Of ABUJA

Maitama is one of the major districts of Abuja, it is in the phase 1 development plan of the federal capital territory. Maitama is one of the prestigious areas in Abuja. The area is home to most embassies and high commissions. It is an exclusive and expensive area where Nigeria’s big-shots reside.

Most people who live in Maitama are diplomats, ministers, government functionaries, former or serving governors and their families, senators or big time contractors but not regular civil servants or ordinary Nigerians like you and I. If you can cough out N3.5 million and above for a 2 bedroom flat for 12 months or spend close to N100,000 for regular groceries for a family of 4 at any of the expensive supermarkets, then you should live in  Maitama.

The Dome, Independent National Electoral Commission, Nigerian Communications Commission, British Council, Transcorp Hilton and Ministers hill are some of the distinguishing places in Maitama.

Maitama District is to the north of the city, with the Wuse and Central Districts lying to its southwest and southeast. This area is the high end section of society and business, and has the reputation of being very exclusive and very expensive. You may want to liken Maitama to Victoria Island in Lagos. Maitama is touted to house the most expensive buildings in the capital.

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