What You Need To Know About Asokoro District Of ABUJA

This haven for serving ministers and top government officials is recognized as Abuja’s most exclusive district. A high class and secured area, Asokoro is one of the major districts in Abuja.

One of the stand points of this area which easily makes it our hottest zone is its strategic location. Asokoro is ultimately close to the seat of power not only in Nigeria but the entire West African region. It houses Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS) secretariat, National Intelligence Agency, World Health Organization (WHO) Office e.t.c. Also, Aso rock a prominent landmark in Abuja is situated in Asokoro.

Asokoro is not just for anybody even if you think you are rich you may still need to cut that rich coat according to your size due to the cost of living in Asokoro. Many comfortable Nigerians can’t even rent an apartment in Asokoro not to talk of owning a land. Rents start from N4 million for 2 bedroom flats and that’s not also talking about the few expensive shops around where you may spend some people’s annual salaries on a single spree. In fact you have to be insanely wealthy to stand your ground in Asokoro.Asokoro is indeed the pearl of Abuja and an Abuja without an Asokoro will be lack luster. Now you see why it’s indisputably our number one.

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