‘The ABUJA I Have Seen And Experienced’ By Isa Mubarak

Money doesn’t buy happiness but it’ll provide the down payment. You need money in order to get the basics that you need to survive, like food, water, clothing, a place to sleep. But the basics simply aren’t enough. We want to experience all that life has to offer. We want to live in nice apartments, go to dinner at nice places and to travel the world.
Out of all the cities in Nigeria, I believe Abuja requires the most spending money to experience it fully. Like my brother would say “when you are in Abuja you cant help it but spend”.
Abuja can be an intimidating place. Even though there are plenty of people to meet and mingle with, approaching them isnt always easy. Lots of people in Abuja are on the defensive and aren’t open to chatting with strangers. This seems to be slowly be changing,

For a first time visitor, it is difficult not to fall in love with the town, especially if you have spent all your life in a particular under developed town. Abuja can be likened to a virgin land waiting to be explored or plundered depending on your ideological leaning.
Abuja had been transformed into one of the best cities in Africa. The nation’s capital which has two parts; the central areas or districts which can be likened to a state capital and the satellite towns which can be likened to rural areas or villages in Africa, with its beautiful mansions, street lights and zero or little traffic jams. A drive through the Asokoro, Ministers Hills and Maitama districts leaves one wondering if indeed he or she is in Nigeria and not in any of the upscale districts in suburban New York. There are wonders –on-wheels and state-of-the- art cars all over the streets; you could literally smell money in the air. Stories of the nouveau rich especially young men and women who have made good are told far and wide.

Abuja City Gate

However, living in Abuja comes with a price, in fact, a big price. In Abuja there’s these form of hypocrisy and the “fit in” mentally people possess. Most residents wants to go with the flow or just to follow the crowd so as to feel belong. I cannot blame anybody for any of that, as i myself was nearly intimidated. Residents of Abuja sometimes spend more than they earn while others simply take a bow and relocate to less expensive cities. Spending more than you earn sometimes is nobody’s choice.but the high cost of living is a big determinant. In Abuja, is as though people spend unnecessarily, People feel a need to conform or “fit in” here.

However, having good friends is important in a city like this. With all the stress and the craziness every day, you need someone to talk to and to blow some steam off with. However, friends can become a bit of a headache. They can also
be too busy with their own lives to be a part of yours. Making real friends in the city is difficult and keeping them can be even more difficult. Even those you consider to be your friends are likely to drift off on their own or with different groups from time to time, leaving you on your lonesome.

Abuja City has a reputation for a number of things — and being one of the most eye-opening places in the world is definitely one of them. For the obvious reasons, Abuja is a great place to live. The uniformity of its urban design makes it visual pleasing. that Abuja — despite its great wealth — suffers from a corrosive moral hypocrisy, conformity and spiritual primitiveness.

I can wholly say that Abuja is not meant for all Nigerians but rather meant for our politicians, foreigners, and the so called elite. It is built in such a way to make life difficult if not unbearable for the average Nigerians. The high cost of living is totally uncalled for, high rent and all of that. Even the jobs available are rarely there for the public, mostly based on “who knows who”, little or no room for investment for ordinary persons unless the super rich ,there is a great discretion between the rich and the the poor, no average Nigerian can live in Abuja town(well, not comfortably).

Abuja is a place where everyone judges you on your appearance. People will want to either interact with you or to avoid you depending on how you dress and groom your hair — it may seem shallow, but it’s efficient. owning a car is another aspect you definitely going to be judged with, Abuja residents have a thing for cars. You shouldnt be surprised seeing more than four cars parked in front of a small apartment to an extent some who doesnt even own a house or apartment will own a car. He would rather sleep in his car than be seeing trekking. Trekking will automatically give you the hustlers tag. This can be directly translated into business; often at times people will judge what you do and how well you are capable of doing it by the way you look.

Likewise, Abuja girls or should i say the “big babes” also has a thing for cars. Words on the street has it that if you own a “presentable” car and can take an Abuja girl out then you have a big chance of dating a lot of girls, if you wish.
However, most residents especially the ladies have a special love for Ice yoghurt, shawarma, kilishi and so on. Its like some sort of tradition or whatever.
Girls from other parts of the country flocks into Abuja, it is easier for a girl to survive in the city than a guy, how they do it? i dont know. Most of the girls on my Facebook has their profile reading “Lives in Abuja” while some may be scam others are mostly true. Whichever way, everybody wants to have something to do with abuja– like its a prestige to be in Abuja irrespective of where they stay in Abuja.

Virtually all necessary social amenities that would make habitation easy and pleasurable are in place – good road network, water supply, security, schools, power, shopping malls, transportation, entertainment, tourism, standard businesses,
markets, etc. A visit to the city would turn you into an Oliver Twist of some sort by always craving to relive the euphoria of living in the breathtaking ambiance of the lovely city of Abuja.

BY: Isa Eneye Mubarak. Tweets by @IsaMubi3

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